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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen


Two years ago, I lost 30 lbs through restriction and found a dietican who understood the intersection of Trauma its impact, eating disorders and I stopped restricting. I know I had written in my section on Health that it is a work in progress and I am working differently now.

I continue to learn how to nourish myself with food that supports me, and watch how various diets don't support people because one needs to learn how to work with our feelings. sometimes i think it would be so easy to just diet and i know that restriction only too well.. I remember the days when i worked at weight watchers and woke up one night saying 5 fish, 3 beef, 1 liver and four eggs. those were the days of laxatives and starving, bingeing and ...... As I entered Covid and being triggered I ate because it felt better the feelings of the unknown, being told to stay home, mandated sent so many triggers my way... that food became, friend and foe. Now, as I am reworking with some mobility difficulties, finding biking enjoyable and fun...but walking is compromised I wonder how to work with this going forward. I have a great team of people who know their work and all of me is on side... and it is complicated. My dietican is wonderful her name is Josee Sovinsky and she supports me in my own recovery.....

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