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This creative work is based upon love, kindness, healing, the fragility of the heart and rendering of one’s soul as the burning of the old into the new.

Queering Out : Winter 2022, Toronto, ON, Canada

A collage created Sheri Ahava Cohen
This Collage has taken me over 4 months to produce as I used this process to support my own coming out as Queer.
New Works

Honouring Internal Family Systems: Winter 2022, Toronto, ON, Canada

In the image you see a card that says "I love you my baby" lying beneath a tiny toy bed.  In the bed is an image tucked in beneath the sheets. Beside the bed and card lies a black and white class photo of young children and a tiny toy.

Spontaneity in Action: Offering - A Solo Psychodrama: Winter 2022, Toronto, ON, Canada

Image 1 in a series of 4 from Sheri Ahava Cohen's Spontaneity in Action: Offering - a Solo Psychodrama
Using spontaneity to listen within for what needed releasing somatically.
  • Two empty chairs
  • Felt Wool Roving tied to each chair
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Pictures of my parents on each chair

A Path With Heart: Winter 2022, Toronto, ON, Canada

A Pat With a Heart: Winter by Sheri Ahava Cohen

This is a wreath that I created after I took down the pictures of my children and my older parts.

I created a heart filled with sage and flowers.

Visual Arts


A Weak Bladder: Winter 2021, Toronto, ON, Canada

For  years I have worn Sanitary Napkins to “protect” myself against leakages and somatic memories.

Safe Home, Winter 2021, Toronto, ON, Canada

A year ago, I bought a doll house and created a safe house for all my younger children that live within me.

Toronto Public Library,
Woodside Square, Scarborough, ON,
Oct – Nov 2019 

Transformational Healing Art Show
Luc Sculpture, Toronto, ON, 2018

Colour Ball Magazine,
Organization Trauma Assist International,
November 2016
Ceremony and Ritual


Using ceremony and ritual, Sheri Ahava honours and marks moments of truth, transition and closure through connection with the body, mind and spirit.


Shekhinah, grant that we may never forget how to cry, and may our hearts never be hardened against the tears of others.

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