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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

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I asked a dear colleaugue and friend of mine to develop my website and i have literally never really used it other than to update my creativity. today I am going to blog. In the past when i got sick with anything i would not be able to stay home because of the fear of being on my own. i would only allow myself certain foods to eat... and reach out in panic to my friends. Taking care of myself has been an ongoing practice and as time has gone by, i am comfortable in my own skin. i can be on my own with a drive in my car hear and there. I bought colouring books for adults and children's colouring books. i have been eating well and preparing new dishes and my favourit today is to make a onion soup. it reminds me of going to the Charter house in Winnipeg with my friends and ordering their onion soup, picking off the hard crust of cheese and savouring each mouthful. I listened to old music of motown and spa music last night, dancing in the kitchen to the tunes. taking down and letting go of old books and things, thinking i only need to keep what i enjoy. My home is my sanctuary and a place for building community, to be inside of my own movement. the foundation that I have worked so hard to have. I now call my PP aliveness this too can shift. feeling better today still a bit of a cold but that is all great. have a great family day everyone.

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