• Sheri Ahava Cohen

Leaving my Dietician and venturing out on my Own.

It has been over 5 decades since I have hired, rehired Dieticians to support me. I came to this deeper awareness that it is time to leave as I have all of the abilities and tools to offer myself "nourishment" vying away from diet-culture, the last log of a food journal that I recognized I have 30 years of books stating what I ate for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Making it about the food rather than trusting myself. I have lived with an eating disorder. I am no longer attached to diet mentality and tonight I enjoyed my first hamburger/french fries/ and a milk shake ( chocolate to be exact ) and not worried but relished in the experience. 8:50 pm two hours after I have eaten my blood glucose is within range 8.2 I had always wanted to do that eat a hamburger and fries with a shake sitting with envy at friends, feeling jealous. Tonight I ate my meal and enjoyed every last bite and sip. Christy Harrison speak to intutitive eating... www.christyharrison.com this weeks podcast has a lot of meaning for me. Maybe in the summer I can burn all of those food journals . My body knows and to continue trusting this process.

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