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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

Herstorical Years of Remembering: June/July/August and into September: Somatic feelings:

I must leave shortly as i realized since almost the end of June at the beginning of summer is when my schooling ended and being at home with my parents and figuring out my summers was a free for all. I feel reluctant to name what i could never name for myself while growing up in my household in Winnipeg. Somatically i am finding that dis association is present, my ability to remember simple things like putting the right time in my calendar seems difficult, finding words to share, remembering what i have said when and mis intrepreting my own meanings are here again this year. It is different though this year more poignant, more present perhaps because i have left a romantic relationship with my x partner. that too is a whole other sharing. this level of feeling given my experience has connected me to my past while growing up in a radically new way. I count on my ability to slow things down, notice moment to moment feelings, acknowleding and caring for my internal family as they want someelse to care for them and not me and I assure my IF that I am here and not going anywhere. I am going to blog again daily on what is it like waking up in a home that I chose, the clothes on my back and the way in which i have created a safe shelter for me. it is important to share not only the herstory but the way in which i have survived and am thriving from a place of wholeness and holiness. Amen.

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