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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

NO Catchy Title

I realize that my whole life has been a path of holiness. There must be a movie to be made and or a book written. I really need a ghost writer and or a play of some sort!

I just found my relatives book called the entreprenures and we were written up in the book called the Establishment, in fortune 500 and so forth. This is the first time in years that i have been able to think oh, i own my own inheritance, the inheritance gifted to me at birth of my own life to live well. A daily practice of prayer, continuing to walk to the other shore while navigating the flooded waters and learning to continually be with all of the doubt, aversion and the rest that i carry. When i wake up in the morning i know that i have a sky to look at, trees in front of my home, and I am safe in my bed. I deeply feel incredible sadness and grief for all of the innocent people dying in Gaza and in Israel. There is no field anymore, rubble, hatred, fear, anger, death, dying, woundedness, power, continued oppression, fear and the list is endless. There is no more outside in the place of right doing and wrong doing there is a field i will meet you there. I stand for co-existence A Land for all... and as i say that from a place of priveledge ... i do believe in a land for all.... and to continue walking this...

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