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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

Awareness: when we choose ourselves what does this really mean as a practice.

I truly believe that everything that i have done, experienced, felt, committed to has prepared me for being able to step into my first intimate Queer Relationship. I found that I had the capacity to love with all of the ways in which i have spent years working through my herstory and creating what was important to me. LIVING with CHOICE IS loaded it requires a different stepping into and taking response ability for oneself, even in the darkest moments to know that I can be and move through without looking to be cared for by a partner. this is a journey that I am on for myself now. When we choose ourselves rather than relying on another to care for us then everything shifts and the works begins in a deeper level. it is so easy to make another as the one ... without seeing one's own view and values, strengths and abilities. there are two sides and mine needs to stay accountable. my changes are formulating only through entering my first intimate relationship ever. I had no idea what this meant to step into until i did just that and found that i kept losing and finding my voice over and over again and my body opened up and to stay in side of the movement i have chosen without feeling distressed .

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