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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

AS PROMISED: new awareness:

it is Sunday July 9th and this was my late Father's birthday. today is a day of change for me. I often as a trauma survivor suffer on this day, as memories coming flooding forward from my past. Each year since he has died i have come to various levels of understanding for myself. this year I am choosing to change some hardcore patterns of my herstory. I often think of myself second and put other's needs first. this time I am speaking up for what my current needs are in my chosen family so that I may rest in comfortably as i navigate these new unchartered waters. it is what i need to say and I hope that my choosing myself will be respected. Other things as well as i am choosing to listen within.. and off course i had a huge somatic response to these choices and honoured with no blame or shame and carried on. to day i am making a choice to care for my body, heart and soul

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