• Sheri Ahava Cohen

New flare up: Immune challenges:

I had taken a lot for granted being able to access my Gastro Dr at Toronto General Hospital. When I called seeking Guidance from him, he is not considered an essential service due to the current Pandemic. I had to access my family Dr who so generously made a script available for me. This time is radically different as i have had to rely on my own knowledge and as i have started the treatments nightly it has not been a picnic. Changing my eating habits to soft foods and to figure this out so that my stomach does not become more compromised feels like a Roulette game. Each year around this time in April there is a flare up and each time as years have gone by i tend to worry less knowing it will take it's course. I remember in the early years i would be in trauma time or completely disassociated and on high alert. Now, i am listening to my body and figuring out ways to rest giving that we are living in different times with little contact with people. I believe that connecting with friends and family face to face in person facilitates healing internally. Kindness, compassionate and deep self care is essential now, resourcing, resourcing, and seeing friends on zoom will suffice for now.

How has Covid 19 affected your own health and well-being?

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