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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen


it has been about a month and i am still experiencing post covid symptoms. I literally thought i was not going to make it the first night as i had hallucanations and high fever, all the water gushing out of my body, chills like i was lying in a deep freezer and i moved through on my own. And then i tested positive for 6 days and stayed at home. I had to take a puffer for a continous cough and my dear friends and chosen family cared for me. i lost my appepittie and my blood pressure went so low that my Dr. told me to eat as much sugar. That's a first. I take nothing for granted and all of the ways in which i have learnted to resource myself was present for me. I take nothing for granted anymore... what i know is uncertanity and unknownness. The fact that i was so weak i could not brush my teeth all came tumbling down and I had to hire an agency to care for me for three days. That was triggering, as i needed the connection and initially it was not there, which brough back old feelings of abandoment. Lovely eh? and i am hear to tell the tale. grateful for my hunger again, and not attached so much to food.... but am getting better all the time. in fact i was able to play pickle bar my first game, loved it and found my own source of joy.

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