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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen


Since February I was accepted into a spinal Stenosis program as i lost my ability to walk with strength and my balance was affected. I began what was called a boot camp that offered me daily excerises at first twice a day and building up of cardio. The work books were for the spine, shoulder and neck. Each week i met with the Chirpractor twice and he manipulated my spine and neck on a table that moved. I shared my herstory with him and the table that went intially very fast was then moved more incrementally. I resourced, resourced and started the exercises twice a day each week building up to more. Then i graduated to once a day and still at 15 exercises in each book i am now doing them 5 reps at countingg 10 times each. In providing this for myself i have seen improvment and the consistency has become a foundational place within my body. I want to share what it means to step into a process of deep self care. this is a minor introduction.

other stores to be posted today.

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