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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

Body Acceptance/Weight

During the last 4 months i did not have access to a weight scale and felt through my own body awareness, I had my A1C done ( three month fasting to test for levels of blood ) actually now 6 months and i thought i need to weigh myself. Last year I lost through much effort and some restriction 30 lbs. I went to see Josee Sovinsky finally found a dietician ( spelling) who understood the intersection of one's history in trauma/ and disordered eating and began to unpack what was present. I gave up the notion of restriction and let it go to put this to rest in my continuing recovery. it is a trillion time practice. interesting to step on the scale and feel into the weight gain, and watch myself move from anger to acceptance. the sad part is that i used my pharmacy for one week as they offered me to weigh in on their scale and no movement in loss. I have been living into understanding how restricting which i have not done, figuring out various diets which don't work and continuing learning to nourish myself is a much healthier and better way.... my inner wisdom knows..stay tuned as i will be sharing about this process.

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