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  • Sheri Ahava Cohen

Autoimmune dis - Ease

four flareups since March since the lock down for covid-19 and i feel it is stress related.

learning to live into this new way, seeing people i have not seen due to our pandemic, moving into to my life and finding meaning with a compromised health care system already present. I clearly don't want to get back into food restriction that would send my own recovery astray, re figuring out nourishment and eating for wellness rather than rationing. Gut health, without the support of medication, what does that look like. I miss remission. A new kind of non freedom is present, waking up to stress differently, perhaps taking more pauses when something big happens even seeing a friend or colleauge to whom i had not seen for awhile and taking that in. listening to the inner wisdom of slowing down, watching the excitement of this old new way of life ...and helping my body to rest in a new awareness.

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