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Using ceremony and ritual, Sheri Ahava honours and marks moments of truth, transition and closure through connection with the body, mind and spirit.


Birth Stories |
Sheri Ahava Cohen, TMAN
Jataka Birth Stories
Kavanah Intention
Shamans Lament
Ellum Shalom

Birth Stories is a culmination of my ongoing experience learning to play the didgeridoo and the opening of the vast depths within me.  Birth Stories illumintes worlds within a world and presents voices that were waiting there to birth their own stories.

Sharing this journey of self discovery through the power of music is Tman on vocals/voices chant and flute. Gary Diggins producer. Produced In 2008



She looks forlorn as she sits deep in thought as the newness in her life arises. She is naked sitting in her truth of what was. Her body, voluptuous, Bold and Beautiful - no longer to hide in the abyss of lost loves, violence and sadness. This time for her now. She looks pensive, no smile.  She has come through years and centuries of a struggled and challenged life. Oh, through creativity does her heart sing. To live boldly with confidence that she so sadly earned. Safety reins, her vulva can relax, no more “penetrations” from unwanted men. No more sticking it to you 'Baby'.  No more acquiescing to the demands of what is expected

of a 56-year-old divorcee. Her breasts are finally being seen not for the pleasure of others, but for herself. To see her breasts as part of her and not separate. She will survive this time of contemplation, what was given to her without her consent.


Her NO never respected. She will remain subtle and strong, a courageous woman. A woman of Valor. She showed her mother what it was like to have her voice, when her mother’s voice was stripped down to the raw edges leaving her silent and rigid. Rigid and aggressive was her demeanor, when inside she was a child herself - young, crying for the love she never received. Her daughter found a way to stay amidst the entire crisis in her life, challenges, abuses and violence... Her daughter survived and found her way through.

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   Sheri Ahava Cohen


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