Older Jewish LGBTQIA+ ?  

Have come out or are in the process of coming out?

I recently came out as Queer. The coming out process is exhilarating, alive, unleashing, challenging and at times, difficult to navigate. I want to connect with older Jewish LGBTQIA+ who have come out or are in the process of coming out now.  I am looking to start a new havurah/group for (age 50+) to explore topics like: understanding  our culture, sexuality, gender (pronouns and beyond), relationships and partnerships, other topics decided by the group and how to live into this life, internally and publicly. 


We’ll explore our lives from a Jewish perspective and I will share some Jewish mindfulness practice. Let’s begin by meeting on Zoom, and plan to meet in person in the future.

If you are interested or want to know more, contact me by email.